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Revision 1.39 - (show annotations)
Sat Mar 15 22:24:16 2003 UTC (18 years, 8 months ago) by nmav
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.38: +4 -0 lines
corrected bug in getpass, in order to work in solaris.

1 16Mar2003:
2 - Corrections in getpass(), to work in Solaris. Patch
3 by Rob Henderson <robh@cs.indiana.edu>
5 08Mar2003:
6 - Updated the documentation
7 - The algorithm and mode command line selection is now
8 case insensitive.
10 21Feb2003: Version 2.6.4
11 - Updated Spanish-Argentina translation by Ariel
12 Fermani <the_end@bbs.frc.utn.edu.ar>.
13 - Some fixes for compiling under win32.
14 - Some fixes to allow compiling gaaout.c with external
17 04Oct2002: Version 2.6.3
18 - Added support for 64 bit file offsets. Based on patch by
19 Keven Belanger <kbelanger@logicon.ca>.
21 23Jun2002: Version 2.6.2
22 - Corrections in localization
23 - Added Spanish-Argentina translation. Translated by Ariel
24 Fermani <the_end@bbs.frc.utn.edu.ar>.
26 15Jun2002: Version 2.6.1
27 - Better error checking
28 - Added rndunix random gatherer from gnupg. It is
29 a gatherer for random bytes, written by Peter Gutmann.
30 - Added some kind of random byte generator for Win32
31 systems.
32 - Corrected bug in configuration file parsing.
33 - Corrected bug in bare mode which put an IV in the
34 encrypted file even if the mode did not support IV.
36 29May2002: Version 2.6.0
37 - Added OpenPGP support (added by Timo Schulz <ts@winpt.org>)
38 - Removed all of file locking code.
39 - Several improvements and corrections on the old
40 codebase (still a mess).
42 11Mar2002: Version 2.5.13
43 - Corrected stream modes in block algorithms
45 29Jan2002: Version 2.5.12
46 - Added some missing files
48 26Jan2002: Version 2.5.11
49 - SHA1 is the default digest used
51 01Dec2001:
52 - Added --time option
54 24Sep2001: Version 2.5.10
55 - Corrected Makefile
56 - Corrected bug in key checking
58 15Sep2001: Version 2.5.9
59 - Corrected bug which made mcrypt block while writing the header
60 (patch by Jerome Bertorelle <jerome.bertorelle@noos.fr>)
61 - Several cleanups
63 08Sep2001: Version 2.5.8
64 - Added option for staticaly linking mcrypt
65 - '--gzip' and '--bzip2' options now work even when handling streams
66 (based on patch by Stefan Hetzl <shetzl@teleweb.at>)
67 - Removed libmcrypt-nm and libmcrypt 2.2 support
68 - Updated magic file (for file(1) program)
69 - Updated included gettext
71 04Jun2001: Version 2.5.7 released
72 - Fixes for the new libmcrypt
74 27Apr2001: Version 2.5.6 released
75 - Updated locales
77 02Oct2000: Version 2.5.5 released.
78 - Support for libmcrypt linked against libdl
79 - Some more verbose error messages
81 19May2000: Version 2.5.4 released.
82 - Support for the libmcrypt-nm.
83 - bugfixes in argument handling
85 02Apr2000: Version 2.5.3 released.
86 - mcrypt does not depend now in the new libmhash. It can work
87 with the older version as well.
89 21Mar2000: Version 2.5.2 released.
90 - Adapted to the libmcrypt 2.4 API
91 - The unix crypt mode parameters were changed.
92 In order to use it, you should use the parameters:
93 "-a crypt --bare" AND "--keymode scrypt" (instead of "--keymode asis").
94 - The '-' file name is now used to refer to stdin.
96 08Mar2000: Version 2.5.1 released.
97 - Mcrypt now checks the keysizes before asking for a passphrase.
98 - Corrected bugs in command line arguments proccessing.
100 06Mar2000: Version 2.5.0 released.
101 - The way crc32 is stored into the encrypted file has changed.
102 - Now mcrypt supports hash algorithms.
103 - Updated manpage.
104 - The option --nodelete was added. If specified it will not delete
105 the output file, even if crc32 check fails.
106 - Mcrypt can now compile using the 2.2.5 version of libmcrypt.
107 That way it looses some of it's functionality.
108 - Mcrypt distribution no longer includes libmcrypt.
109 - New (extendable) File format. Moved to version 2.5.0 since not all planned
110 improvements were added (to justify the 3.0.0 version).
112 19Jan2000: Corrected a minor bug in src/extra.c, where bzero used
113 sizeof() for malloc'ed data.
115 10Dec1999: Corrected a bug in src/mcrypt.c, encrypt_general() function.
116 It did not use the random number generator properly for
117 stream ciphers.
119 03Dec1999: Corrected a serious bug in src/extra.c, read_iv function.
120 It didn't work when not using streams.
121 Corrected a bug in mcrypt.c, function encrypt_general(), which
122 made the program to crash when a smaller than the maximum
123 keysize was specified at the command line.
124 Documentation was updated.
125 Bugfix in bare decryption for block algorithms. When a file was
126 smaller than a fixed number it was not decrypted as it should.
128 02Dec1999: Mcrypt can now compile in systems were libintl.h was not found
129 without disabling nls, patch by Sascha Schumann.
130 28Nov1999:
131 --keygen_directory parameter was replaced by --keymode_directory.
133 26Nov1999:
134 --algorithms_directory, --modes_directory, --keygen_directory options added.
135 the user can now specify where the libmcrypt modules are.
137 25Nov1999: Some speedups in the bare mode. It is much faster than the bare
138 mode of previous mcrypt versions. Normal mode is still too
139 slow at decryption time, but it will be fixed soon.
141 23Nov1999: Mcrypt now uses the libmcrypt 2.3, and so many things have
142 changed internally.
143 most algorithms have changed their name according to libmcrypt name
144 most key modes have their name according to libmcrypt name
145 the file format has changed (check FORMAT)
146 Solaris DES compatibility has changed. In order to
147 be compatibe with des(1) mcrypt needs the following
148 parameters "-a des --keymode sdes --bare --noiv"
149 Unix crypt compatibility has changed. In order to
150 be compatibe with crypt(1) mcrypt needs the following
151 parameters "-a crypt --keymode asis --bare"
152 info pages were removed. I couldn't maintain them anyway.
154 10Nov1999: Corrected bug, where compilation failed if GZIP or BZIP2 were not
155 defined. Now mcrypt checks if these files exist before
156 executing them.
157 Mcrypt was ported to win32 (comes as a different distribution).
159 04Nov1999: Corrected some defines in the libufc included, so it works fine
160 in 64bit machines. Pointed out by Robin Humble <rjh@pixel.maths.monash.edu.au>
161 and Larry Snyder <larrys@lexis-nexis.com>
163 03Nov1999: Replaced "grep -q" with "grep >/dev/null" in tests/ciphertest.nonfree
165 16Oct1999: version 2.2.5 was released.
166 Mcrypt is updated to conform to the new libmcrypt API.
167 Greek translation is updated.
168 RC4 was added.
170 15Oct1999: Bugfix in fwrite in bare mode.
171 Pointed out by Koblinger Egmont <egmont@fazekas.hu>
172 mcrypt is now under CVS control.
174 14Oct1999: Serpent was added.
175 Changes in the man page.
177 11Oct1999: Bugfix in fork() in mcrypt.c.
178 Pointed out by Derelittus Maloratus <tnt@acdc.zzn.com>.
180 10Oct1999: Bugfix in sha1.
181 Option --flush was added.
183 04Oct1999: Bugfixes in RC2, RC6.
184 RIJNDAEL was added.
186 20Sept1999: Fixes in RC2, RC6 and SAFER+ code, so they work the same way in
187 big-endian and little-endian machines.
188 The porting of SERPENT, MARS and RIJNDAEL is not finished, they
189 do not work right in bigendian machines.
191 19Sept1999: Changes in the library:
192 SERPENT was added in 128,192 and 256 key modes.
194 15Sept1999: Changes in the library:
195 MARS (non-free) and RIJNDAEL were added in 128,192 and 256 key modes.
196 RC6 was splitted to RC6-128, RC6-192 and RC6-256 (the old RC6 is equal to RC6-256)
197 RC2 was splitted to RC2-128, RC2-256 and RC2-1024 (the old RC2 is equal to RC2-1024)
199 8Sept1999: noecho option was changed to echo. Not echoing asterisks is the
200 default now, since asterisks do work right in all systems.
202 7Sept1999: Changes in src/getpass.c. There was a bug, when the --noecho,
203 option was used. Pointed out by Ed Baxter <Ed.Baxter@pii.com>.
204 Fixed.
206 21Aug1999: Added --enable-static-link configure option. This option links
207 statically mcrypt, usefull where there is no need for a
208 separate library.
210 28Jun1999: Changed zip support (bzip2,gzip) during decryption.
211 Polish translation for mcrypt was updated.
213 26Jun1999: Fixed Makefile.am.
215 23Jun1999: version 2.2.2 released
216 SAFER+, LOKI97 and CAST-256 added. RC6 was changed. Check
217 libmcrypt/ChangeLog.
219 18Jun1999: mdecrypt link is now properly created.
221 16Jun1999: Libmcrypt: xTEA algorithm changed (check libmcrypt/ChangeLog).
223 12Jun1999: Changes in the documentation.
224 Polish language support by Janusz A. Urbanowicz <alex@bofh.net.pl>.
226 11Jun1999: Capability support for mlock(), experimental (it does not work).
227 Mcrypt now uses automake.
229 09Jun1999: src/hex.c: A bug was found in the way it handles null characters.
230 Fixed.
231 src/mcrypt.c: A bug was found when using hex and hash/4bit modes.
232 Fixed.
234 02Jun1999: version 2.2.0 released
235 src/keys.c: bufix for a variable that was malloced but not freed.
236 src/getpass.c: getpass() does not return any more a static char*,
237 changed to a char* which is malloced.
239 01Jun1999: src/extra.c: Bugfix when entering key in a hash mode.
240 src/keys.c: Bugfixes.
242 29May1999: libmcrypt 2.1 was added.
243 - so blowfish is renamed to blowfish-448 and blowfish-128,-192,
244 -256 were added.
245 - added md5hash keymode, default is still sha1hash (or just hash).
246 - nOFB mode was added. n is the algorithm's block size
247 - src/mcrypt.c, src/getpass.c: --noecho option added.
249 25May1999: Twofish-192 is now the default algorithm.
250 CRC32 was moved to the end of the file. Now mcrypt can work
251 fine without temporary files. So this version is incompatible
252 with all the previous ones.
253 Some non-critical bugfixes in cfb and ofb modes.
255 24May1999: src/mcrypt.c: waitpid after popen was removed.
257 23May1999: src/mcrypt.c, src/extra.c: --doublecheck option added. With this
258 option passwords are checked twice even if decrypting.
259 src/mcrypt.c, src/lock.c: --nolock option added. With this
260 option no locks are used. This is usefull if you encrypt
261 in a nfs exported directory.
262 src/bits.c: Changed code to be faster and simpler.
264 19May1999: src/keys.c, src/extra.c: Now the key handling moved in
265 keys.c completely. get_password() now only returns the
266 plain password.
268 18May1999: Library: This is not the same with libmcrypt any more.
269 This library may have less options than libmcrypt.
270 po/: Czech language support by Robert Hanzlik (robi@junyks.cz)
272 17May1999: src/mcrypt.c: Now full and half mode were again replaced by
273 8bit and 4bit modes. Bugfix for these modes. Now they seem
274 to work fine.
275 src/keys.c: gen_key() changed so that strlen() is no longer
276 needed. This allows mcrypt to work fine on an IRIX 6.4
278 16May1999: src/keys.c: gen_key.c salt use has changed.
280 9May1999: src/mcrypt.c: Many, many changes.
281 Used indent to clear up some code.
282 Twofish-128 is now the default algorithm.
283 7bit mode was removed.
284 8bit and 4bit modes renamed to full and half.
285 hash key mode added and is the default. It uses sha-1 to
286 convert a passphrase to a key.
287 thanks to Alexander Demenshin <aldem@techie.com>
288 encrypted file's format changed. A salt is added for the hash
289 key mode. 20 bytes are reserved for future use.
290 -i and --bit were replaced by -o and --keymode.
291 --bare mode works as before and supports hash but no salt.
292 so mcrypt 2.2 is not compatible with the 2.1 version.
295 7May1999: version 2.1.19 released.
296 Non-free version is enabled by default. The name still remains
297 non-free despite tha fact that in most countries it is free:)
298 src/mcrypt.c: 4bit mode is now the default.
300 6May1999: src/sunlink.c: Renamed to unlink.c and removed the safe_unlink
301 capability. Since some programs are dedicated in doing
302 that job there is no need for maintaining that. Simple
303 unlink still overwrites the file with nulls.
304 src/bits.c:
305 src/mcrypt.c: 4 bit mode added. In that mode only 4 bits
306 of every character are read. Thus more characters are
307 needed but it is much more safer.
308 src/defines.h: changed nls defines etc. to compile happily
309 again in my glibc 2.1.
311 29Apr1999: version 2.1.18 released
312 library: RC6 and IDEA now work on both little and big endian
313 machines.
314 doc/magic: Magic file for file(1) added thanks to
315 Koblinger Egmont <egmont@fazekas.hu>
316 src/mcrypt.c: Now --bare flag encrypts directly to the output
317 file (or stdout) without using temp files.
318 library: Changed lib/mcrypt.c so null passwords are accepted
319 for rc2.
320 Now nonfree version is included in the free but must
321 be enabled in compile time using configure --enable-non-free
323 26Apr1999: src/mcrypt.c: Compability mode with des(3) added.
324 library and mcrypt.c: Many internal changes.
326 25Apr1999: library: Twofish-192 and Twofish-256 added. Twofish (128) was
327 renamed to Twofish-128. This is the code applied for aes
328 by counterpane systems.
330 25Apr1999: library: The library now clears (bzero's) all keywords used
331 within the library.
333 24Apr1999: version 2.1.17 released
334 mcrypt.texi and mcrypt.info were added. I do not know much
335 about their syntax so they may not be right.
336 Now mcrypt is splitted in two packages. mcrypt-x.y.z-nonfree
337 and mcrypt-x.y.z. The nonfree version contains the patented
338 algorithms.
340 23Apr1999: src/mcrypt.c: Algorithm and mode specified in the command line are
341 now checked in a loop by calling get_algorithms_name. This may
342 lead to a problem since 3way is no longer acceptable(3-way is
343 the correct) but since the code is much more clear it is
344 acceptable.
345 library: IDEA and RC6 algorithms added. These algorithms are
346 patented so you need a license to use them. More information
347 can be found at the file doc/README.nonfree.
349 20Apr1999: version 2.1.16 released
350 src/mcrypt.c: Fixed a bug(?) in the popen call (when calling for
351 gzip or bzip2). Actually it did not return NULL if the
352 program couldn't be executed. Corrected thanks to
353 Vasilis Vasaitis (vvas@hal.csd.auth.gr)
355 19Apr1999: Removed a bug in the library. If all threads were used, memory
356 leaks were created.
357 RC2 algorithm added.
359 18Apr1999: version 2.1.15 released
360 src/mcrypt.c --gzip and --bzip2 options added. If specified mcrypt
361 calls gzip or bzip2 and compresses the input before encryption.
362 src/extra.c: Unix Crypt is now reported as algorithm when using
363 verbose mode.
365 17Apr1999: libmcrypt: 8bit OFB mode added.
367 27Mar1999: -O2 removed for lib/twofish.c. It compiles faster now but
368 the speed of encryption for that algorithm is slightly
369 reduced.
371 26Mar1999: Now gaa 1.5.1 is used, so arguments in the command
372 line take precendence over the .mcryptrc file.
374 23Mar1999: Some minor changes in the Makefiles to be closer to the GNU
375 coding standards.
377 16Mar1999: src/bits.h: Changed so it can compile happily on HP-UX 10.24.
378 pointed out by R Sriram <rsriram@krdl.org.sg>
380 13Mar1999: src/mcrypt.c: ".dec" files are properly deleted if a signal
381 is received.
383 11Mar1999: version 2.1.14 released
385 10Mar1999: src/getpass.c: Added from the shadow suite (981228). Now mcrypt
386 prints asterisks when the password is typed. Original code
387 by Julianne Frances Haugh, modified by Pavel Machek <pavel@ucw.cz>
388 Only minor additions to fit in mcrypt (and use a more random
389 way of printing asterisks).
390 src/mcrypt.c: Minor bugfixes.
392 09Mar1999: src/mcrypt.c: Minor bugfixes. Output files are not removed if
393 they cannot be opened.
395 03Mar1999: src/extra.c, src/mcrypt.c: Now mcrypt asks whether to overwrite
396 a file or skip it.
398 02Mar1999: version 2.1.13 released
400 26Feb1999: src/enigma.c, lib/des.c: Changed all long integers to word32
401 and sword32 so it works on all platforms (64bit and 32bit).
402 Pointed out by Dan Stromberg <strombrg@nis.acs.uci.edu>
403 *.c: malloc is now checked for its return value. If it is
404 NULL mcrypt retries to allocate memory after one second
405 and if it fails again, mcrypt exits.
407 23Feb1999: src/mcrypt.c, src/environ.c: Added environment support. Now
409 and MCRYPT_KEY to specify the algorithm, the mode and the key.
410 Suggested by Koblinger Egmont <egmont@fazekas.hu>
412 18Feb1999: Makefile.in: Links are now relative and not absolute.
413 mcrypt.1: Some corrections in the documentation.
414 src: mcrypt.c: A warning is issued when the keyword(s) are
415 specified in the command line.
416 Pointed out by Koblinger Egmont <egmont@fazekas.hu>
418 17Feb1999: version 2.1.12 released
419 lib/twofish.c: Added from GNUPG. Now twofish supports only
420 128bit encryption but it works. Minor changes.
421 lib/twofish: Removed. That AES API was a real problem.
422 src/mcrypt.c: --8bit and --7bit replaced with --bit 7 or 8.
424 16Feb1999: src/mcrypt.c, src/mcrypt.gaa: Mcrypt now uses the gnu
425 argument analyzer instead of getopt. Now we can use a
426 configuration file instead of reading from command line.
428 15Feb1999: src/sunlink.c, src/mcrypt.c: Unlink and safe unlink changed.
429 Now simple unlink overwrites the file with nulls and safe
430 unlink with random strings seven times.
432 14Feb1999: src/mcrypt.c: Default bit mode for the key changed to 8bit.
433 configure.in: Added system checking.
434 src/mcrypt.c: A warning is issued if not using a real random
435 device like /dev/random.
436 src/random.c: Added an #ifdef so it compiles hapilly in
437 all systems.
439 13Feb1999: version 2.1.10 released
440 src/mcrypt.c, src/hex.c: Added hex mode. Now the keyword can
441 be specified in hex using the --hex parameter. Thus there is no
442 limit to the range of input characters.
443 src/defines.h, src/random.c: Added /dev/(s,u)random support for
444 linux and openbsd, using some configure scripts from GNUPG.
445 src/mcrypt.c, src/extra.c: fixed a bug in unix crypt
446 src/extra.c: fixed a bug in the keyfile handling
448 11Feb1999: The --file parameter changed to --keyfile
450 09Feb1999: src/mcrypt.c: --file parameter added. Now keywords can be specified
451 using a file. One keyword is read per line.
452 lib/lcrypt.c: Better use of mutex locks.
453 src/sunlink.c: Removed the srand(time(0)). Now it is only called
454 only in main() in src/mcrypt.c.
455 mcrypt.1: Added twofish and some information about tea.
456 lib/twofish: The algorithm works as it should. (passed the ciphertext
457 tests found in counterpane system's site)
459 08Feb1999: version 2.1.9 released
460 src/bits.c: Serious Bugfixes. In 7bit mode all keywords were reduced
461 to 56bit. Fixed.
462 * So version 2.1.9 is incompatible with all previous versions
463 when the key is entered in 7bit mode.
464 lib/twofish: The twofish algorithm is implemented in the library
465 using the AES API. Experimental.
466 lib/lcrypt.c: If posix_threads found use mutex locks to
467 make the init_mcrypt functions reentrant.
468 src/crypt.c/h: changed to enigma.c/h
469 src/mcrypt.c: srand(time(0)) is called once in the main()
470 function. Thus being more random(?)...
472 03Feb1999: version 2.1.7 released
473 src/locks.c: src/mcrypt.c: No longer exits when lock timeout is
474 reached, returns -1 and the file is skipped.
475 lib/tean.c: Code changed to be compatible with both little
476 and big-endian.
477 Uncompabilty reported by Igor Schein <igor@txc.com>
478 TEA is no longer compatible with previous versions of mcrypt.
479 lib/swap.c: Included strings.h (via libdefs.h) for bzero. Needed
480 in systems that do not support memset.
481 Reported by Xenitellis Simos <S.Xenitellis@rhbnc.ac.uk>
483 01Feb1999: version 2.1.6 released
484 mcrypt.1: The man page is (at last) corrected and updated.
485 Cleared code in lib/lcrypt.c and lib/lcrypt.h. Removed some
486 memory leaks. Code cleared in src/mcrypt.c, some memory leaks
487 also removed.
488 The key padding with nulls (if it was too small) moved in
489 lib/lcrypt.c. CAST-128 is no longer compatible with previous
490 versions when the key is more than 10 bytes.
492 31Jan1999: lib/lcrypt.c: CBC and ECB encryption added into the library.
493 CFB mode also added.
495 30Jan1999: libufc/ufc-crypt.h: Code changed to be supported from
496 the main config.h file.
498 29Jan1999: version 2.1.5 released
499 src/lcrypt.c: An error was found in the key handling. Corrected.
500 src/tean.c: The Tiny Encryption Algorithm was added.
501 NLS: code updated to gettext-0.10.35
502 lib/: The library code is now placed there.
504 version 2.1.4 released
505 src/cast.c: Added CAST-128. Adopted from the lsh project.
506 Originally written by Steve Reid <sreid@sea-to-sky.net>
507 src/lcrypt.c: The library is now more functional. It supports
508 multithreading (I think so:) .
510 21Jan1999: src/mcrypt.c: -e flag was removed (it was optional anyway)
511 -t --type parameter was replaced by -a --algorithm parameter.
512 src/locks.c: Added. Now locking is performed to input (read) and
513 output (write) files via fcntl.
515 20Jan1999: version 2.1.3 released
516 src/mcrypt.c: Many bugfixes. When specifying many files and one key
517 via --key the key length was reduced for every file. Fixed.
518 src/mcrypt.c: signal handling.
519 functions.c: Added this file to make bzero() and signal() work in
520 POSIX systems that use memset() and sigaction().
521 src/mcrypt.c: Output files are now deleted if encryption/decryption
522 fails. (The same if we get a signal)
523 src/defines.h: Checks were added to find 32bit, 16bit and 8bit
524 integers. (using defines in configure.in)
526 17Jan1999: src/mcrypt.c: The number of bytes of plaintext of the last block is now
527 represented in one byte (previously 4). So that version is not
528 compatible with previous ones. Minor changes to use fread and
529 fwrite instead of read and write (much faster).
530 src/mcrypt.c: The crc32 is now stored encrypted in the file.
531 src/blowfish.c: The algorithm changed according to the "new" blowfish.
533 16Jan1999: src/crc32.c: Added. CRC32 check added.
535 15Jan1999: version 2.1.1 released
536 Makefile in ufc-crypt is now added into the main configure script.
537 Algorithm information are now stored into encrypted files, so
538 that version is also incompatible with previous ones if the
539 --bare flag is not specified.
540 NLS support is added (via gettext-0.10). Greek language support.
542 13Jan1999: Major version update 2.1.0
543 Added libmcrypt.a (lcrypt.c)
544 DES, 3DES, Blowfish, 3-WAY and GOST are implemented there.
545 Code cleared in mcrypt.c
546 Proper header files were created (at last!)
547 Because of these changes GOST, 3-WAY and DES (and tripleDES) are
548 not compatible with previous versions of this program.
550 12Jan1999: Added unix crypt compability (libufc is included to implement
551 the crypt() needed in unix crypt algorithm).
552 DES 7bit mode is now working.
553 Minor changes in sunlink.c (prints a warning when more than one
554 hard links for a file exist)
556 18Dec1998: Added src/sunlink.c and references to src/mcrypt.c. Now the -u
557 flag can be used to delete (secure delete) the input file.
559 17Dec1998: Added mcrypt.1. At last a manpage!

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