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1 How to use Hydra with PHP. This is HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL since there
2 are several known bugs, with the hydra sapi module.
4 0. Get PHP4.
6 1. Get hydra-sapi-0.y.x.tar.gz from ftp://ftp.hellug.gr/pub/software/hydra/php
7 (note that 'y' and 'x' must match your Hydra version).
9 2. Untar the hydra-sapi tarball as a subdirectory called hydra/ in the sapi/
10 directory in the PHP main source tree.
12 3. CD into the PHP's source tree and run "autoconf"
13 If you don't have autoconf, get it at ftp://ftp.gnu.org/
15 4. Proceed to "./configure --with-hydra=/where/hydra/source/is" and "make"
16 Note that you should point to the root of the untarred data, not
17 to the src/ directory.
19 5. Compile Hydra with SMP and HIC enabled (this is the default)
21 6. Edit the hydra.conf to enable HIC modules, and set the path of libphp4.so.
23 7. Run Hydra.

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